JK Light Systems is a designer and manufacturer of energy efficient new fluorescent lighting fixtures and conversions. Our goal is to have product that will provide you with a lighting system that meets the needs of your specific application. We realize that all lighting fixtures are not alike. Should your new fixture or conversion require a custom design, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a custom designer.

JK Lighting Systems has recognized the need for a new lighting fixture and conversion that is both quick and easy to install. As we all know, the high cost of installation labor is not an attractive feature. We have solved the inconvenience. We have utilized the concept of "THE HINGE" to provide time saving installation. This unique feature also allows ease of access for any future service that may be needed. A simple twist clip allows easy reflector attachment if this option is needed. Conversions are pre-wired with quick connects for ease of installation. The information provided on the following pages will provide clear understanding of our product line.

Please feel free to call should you have any questions or comments. Our sales and technical staff would be pleased to provide any assistance you may need. JK Lighting Systems looks forward to providing the best energy efficient lighting system for you and your customers.


Al Kramp


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